Combat Box by Red Flight - Late War Scenarios - NA/EU server
Forthcoming Events
Combat Box hosted events and fly-outs.

We encourage community events and fly-outs on our server. If you'd like to organize an event, we're happy to promote the event and provide admin support for map selection and server setup. Contact Alonzo or any of the @admin or @moderator team on Discord for more info.

Friday 13th September - 2100 EDT (0100 GMT) - Friday Night Fights - Hosted by TWB

It's another Monday, and that means sign ups are now opened for Friday Night Flights. This week we're SKIPPING the seriousness of TAW, and instead jumping on Combat Box. As before, we will fly as Red. With our powerful Spitfires, we shouldn't be easy to kill, as we have been the last few weeks. Additionally, we will still use the TAW Teamspeak to coordinate through voice comms, as that seemed to work really well last week.

As always, everyone is free to join us on these events and sign ups are first come, first serve. The plan is to do 2-3 organized strike missions - each about 40-50 minutes in length. If you sign up for a leader role, please know how to use whispers (or be willing to learn).

If you have any comments, suggestions, and questions, I'm always willing to listen. See you this Friday, and don't forget to sign up!

Sign up link:

Saturday 14th September 1600 UTC / 1200 EDT - Saturday Late War, Clan Wars! - Hosted by TWB

Combat Box and The Wet Bandits are hosting an epic battle for supremacy amongst IL2's squadrons. Whether you're affiliated or independent, come along for some late war action on Combat Box. Whoever wins, you're guaranteed some spicy smack talk during this event.