Combat Box by Red Flight - Late War Scenarios - NA/EU server
Combat Box "Project R"
Bringing the thrill of air racing to the IL2 community!

Launching as part of SturmovikFest 2020, Combat Box is proud to bring you air racing! Our first four race tracks are located in the scenic Kuban region, and range from a fast and furious air derby through to an endurance mountain run.

Racing Skins

Part of the fun of air racing is seeing the amazing paint jobs on some of the aircraft. The Combat Box community has many talented artists who have contributed special racing skins for use on the server.


"Supergirl" by Magic Zach


"Re-entry" by Mordrac

Racing Rules and Tracks

For informal racing and practice, taxi to the start line with your race mates, then fire a green flare to signal the start of the race. Pre-spooling your engine is allowed, as long as your aircraft is stationary on the start line. Unless otherwise agreed with your race mates, weapons are not allowed. Fuel loads are at pilot's discretion, there is no minimum. Pilots should pass through each gate at or below the top of the smoke plume. Race gates alternate red and blue smoke. On official race days, a referee will watch over each race to ensure all gates are correctly passed. Please be courteous; if other racers are about to start, give them a few minutes before starting your own race, to allow proper separation. Spectators are encouraged! Use the predefined cameras to cycle through each race track, or use free camera or aircraft padlocks as you prefer.

Agoy Short Course(25km)

Follow the track out over the water, through the cranes by the dock, and inland via a sharp left turn. Pass under the rail bridge then through the gate marked by two tall towers, then reverse direction with an Immelman, fly back under the bridge (not the towers) and through all the gates in reverse direction to finish at Agoy airfield.

Adler Mountain Track (170km)

Follow the course as it stretches north into the mountains. There are several sections where the gates thin out; follow the river in these sections. The course ends about 90km north.

Gelendzhik Circular (50km)

Take off from Gelendzhik and make a left turn over the harbor. Follow the track along the coast, hugging the waterline, before turning inland. Follow the race gates back to Gelendzhik.

Krasnodar River Run (65km)

Take off from Krasnodar and make a hard left down into the river. Stay low, following the bends of the river and passing through the gates until you reach the lake. For competitive racing, a hard ceiling of 100 feet AGL will be used.

Zero tolerance for players flouting the rules

Griefing or interfering with other players' races is not tolerated; please report players on our Discord in the #support channel, along with a TacView or other recording.

Fly safe, and if you can't fly safe, fly fast!