Combat Box by Red Flight - Late War Scenarios - NA/EU server
Information about the server


COMBAT BOX by Red Flight is is focused on late-war, historically-inspired scenarios including BoBP plane sets. Each map has been meticulously hand-crafted including realistic airfields, challenging targets, spectacular effects and strategic mechanics such as radar zones. The server is hosted in North America with a good ping to Europe.

Available planes and maps will evolve over time.

Server Rules

Server Team

Administrator: Alonzo
Mission designers: Alonzo, The Nines, Talon, Psyrion
Massive thanks to: Red Flight for all their help testing, especially Col. Ninny and Haluter for in-depth airfield testing and feedback.

Combat Box has been migrated to new server hardware! Thank you to all who generously donated to the cause. In alphabetical order: Alonzo, Atomic_359, Blake, Haluter, HE187, IngegnerTommy, Jakerthesnak, Jim, Jon, Jorge HFJ, JG1/Vonrd, Mewt, Mordrac, Nabuli0, Siggi, Strat, Talon, The Nines, Tim and VA_SDRiEMLiNE.

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