Combat Box by Red Flight - Late War Scenarios - NA/EU server
Information about the server


COMBAT BOX by Red Flight is focused on late-war, historically-inspired scenarios including BoBP plane sets. Each map has been meticulously hand-crafted including realistic airfields, challenging targets, spectacular effects and strategic mechanics such as radar zones.

Available planes and maps will evolve over time.

Server Rules

Rules around airfield "vulching"

The admins take a dim view of vulching; we think it is anti-fun and unrealistic; airfields historically would have had upwards of 300 flak guns protecting them. Airfields on Combat Box are not absolute "safe zones" — pilots who take off while their field is under attack should know they are taking their virtual life in their hands. Players who repeatedly engage in vulching — whether they are breaking the letter of the rules or not — will be asked politely to desist, then given a short vacation from the server. The admin team will process complaints in the #support channel on Discord only, and any complaint should be backed up by a sortie log from our website and/or a TacView showing the problem.

Examples of how these rules apply:

As always, the admin team reserves the right to use their discretion when applying these rules. If you think your actions might be reducing another player's fun, or that you might be being a dick, you should probably trust that feeling and go do something else in the mission instead.

How to get support

Our Discord server includes a #support channel. Please use that to get support, report bugs, and access our reports bot. If there's a server problem, post there and tag @admin to let us know.

You can create a "support ticket" to report player behavior that contravenes the Combat Box rules. For example, attacking other players while they are on the ground, tail gunner griefing, deliberate team kills, repeated egregious friendly fire, or use of racist, sexist, homophobic, religious or other slurs in chat. Creating a ticket makes a new private channel for you to report the problem, you don't need to call someone out in public if you prefer not to.

Network issues

Our server is located in New York, in a commercial datacentre. We have thousands of pilots each month playing, including pilots from Australia, Brazil and Europe. If you are getting ping kicked, the problem is most likely your internet connection, not the server. Try using a wired connection instead of home wifi. You can ping to see your current ping. Our maximum average ping over one minute is 350ms round-trip. We will not increase our ping limit; we already have some players warping around with jittery ping, and increasing ping limit makes the experience worse for all the other players.

If your ping is good but you sometimes lose connection, you might need to optimize your MTU to reduce packet fragmentation. Yes, that probably sounds like gibberish. Here's a guide to doing it.

Server Team

Administrators: Alonzo, Haluter, Mordrac, Psyrion, Talon
Mission designers: Alonzo, Bjorn, Hawkmoon, Talon, The Nines, Psyrion and our Patreons.
Massive thanks to: Red Flight for all their help testing, especially Col. Ninny and Haluter for in-depth airfield testing and feedback.

Combat Box has been migrated to new server hardware! Thank you to all who generously donated to the cause. In alphabetical order: Alonzo, Atomic_359, Blake, Haluter, HE187, IngegnerTommy, Jakerthesnak, Jim, Jon, Jorge HFJ, JG1/Vonrd, Mewt, Mordrac, Nabuli0, Siggi, Strat, Talon, The Nines, Tim and VA_SDRiEMLiNE. Thank you also to our Patreon donors who allow us to continue to operate! See the Supporters page for more info.

Join our Discord to get help, report problems, or give feedback: